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The reincarnation of the original StatueMolesters web site... back by popular demand...

StatueMolesters from all over the globe have submitted their strange adventures and more roll in nearly every day.

Have a look through our gallery of lunatics that have graced these pages with their own StatueMolesting adventures. Postcards are back! For now on limited basis and only on the latest submissions. Just click on the picture and send a greeting to your friends.

If you would like your own StatueMolesting picture added to the collection, send it in and we'll get it posted...

Help support StatueMolesters. 100% of our operating funds comes from sales of advertised goods and services you see on our site. So in true StatueMolesters fashion, we're instituting a Consumer Retention Appeal Products program(henceforth known as C.R.A.P.). Please, let us know what C.R.A.P. you would like to see on here. Enjoy your visit and purchase the C.R.A.P. of your choice.

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Check out some of our favorite movie clips... not statue molesters, but there's a lot of weird stuff to see here... -
find a statue... make it smile.

Special thanks to the folks over at - the original creators of the StatueMolester site - for donating their original archive.

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