Tamil Best Action Movies All The Time

Are you planning to watch an excellent action movie for your weekend? Almost all people are interested in action movies, especially if it has a good story. So, what about some action movies with mysteries, political thrillers, or spy thrillers? It would make an excellent combination for Tamil action movies.

If you are looking for the best action movies in Tamil released recently, Miral, Rathasaatchi, and Sardar will make excellent choices. All these movies have unique storylines that are far more than normal action movies. If you want to watch all these movies online or are looking for Tamil movies download option, you can visit aha OTT, one of the leading online streaming platforms.

The best Tamil action movies that are currently streaming on aha.

·         Miral

The cast of Miral

Tamil slasher film Miral is written and directed by M Sakthivel with the production company Axes Film factory. The film stars Bharath and Vani Bhojan play the lead roles of Hari and Rama. Other cast members include K S Ravikumar, Meera Krishnan, Rajkumar, etc.

The story of Miral

Miral is a mystery action movie with a story almost like a psycho thriller that keeps the audience excited. Hari and his family get stuck on the road (highway) while traveling in their car in a place where they cannot find anyone else. A stranger suddenly appears and warns them that the place is not safe. After that, they face a series of strange incidents and also get attacked by a creepy individual. All these make the movie quite scary with a horror effect. The next part of the movie is about whether they escape from that place, who is behind all the incidents, etc.

 ·         Rathasaatchi

The cast of Rathasaatchi

Rathasaatchi is directed by Rafiq Ismail, starring Kanna Ravi as Appu, Elango Kumaravel as Murugesan, and Harish Kumar as Iqbal. The other cast members include Charles Vinoth, Kalyan, etc.


The story of Rathasaatchi

A political action thriller, Rathasaatchi is about the fight between police under the influence of political leaders and Naxal revolutionaries. The main part of the movie starts when a young Naxal revolutionary – activist and a policeman cross their paths, creating a massive moment and fight. The story revolves around the sufferings of the revolutionaries and their activities on one side and the problems faced by the politicians on the other.

·         Sardar

The cast of Sardar

The spy action thriller Sardar is directed by P S Mithran under the production company Prince Pictures. The prominent cast members are Karthi playing the dual role, and Raashii Khanna as Shalini. Others include Rajisha Vijayan, Chunky Panday, Laila, Rithvik, etc. The cast selection is great, especially with Karthi starring as spy agent Sardar and his son, police inspector Vijay.

The story of Sardar

Another exciting Tamil action thriller, Sardar, is a super hit film released recently. It is a spy-action film about Sardar, a former spy falsely accused of being a national traitor, and his son Vijay. Vijay, a police officer, reveals some hidden secrets about a water packaging company after investigating a shut murder case. Later he also finds out the true story of his father, which comes with various suspense. If you are expecting a normal Tamil action film, Sardar is something more that will surely exceed your expectations.

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