Thailand house for sale

What types of real estate exist and how do they work?

Real estate is the buying or selling of a property that includes land, a house, fixtures, and utility rights from a person to others. When the property is sold, the companies have returned 33% as a share in recent days. Lazudi is a real estate company that offers properties for sale, rent, and they also buy your properties in Thailand.

Types of real estate

  • Land
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial


Land is the starting point of all other property. It is the least expensive and most secure property where you don’t need to check for breakage of material and there is no maintenance cost. Here they can build up with buildings as per the customers’ wishes to increase the density and the price of the property. The negativity is that you need to inverse more to get more profit.


Thailand house for sale

A property consists of a house and households for a single family. This method is quite common in the real estate business. People prefer more residential property other than an empty property. In residential property, that is the property with houses, villas, and condos. Anything with the above property falls under residential, which increases the investment prospect. Whereas, buying an empty property and building a house on it will take time and money. Here, both are saved. And additionally, you can use the property for rent.


Commercial property refers to land and buildings used for business purposes. Nowadays, people have gotten educated and know the value of land. They will not sell the land in the city areas. Instead, they will provide their land for rental for business purposes. Commercial properties include land with shopping malls, stores, offices, and so on. These are more expensive than the other two methods. Here, the profit is high as it is equal to the investment.


Industrial property includes factories, ware houses, and research and development, and the land belongs to the property used. This kind of property is usually located away from the city. Though these properties are away from the city, the cost of these properties is equal to residential property.

Lazudi is an investor who provides all the above types for sale and for rental all around Thailand.