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Some Favorite Movie Clips
(sorry, no movie clip submissions accepted yet, but coming soon)

We make NO CLAIMS to being politically, socially or even remotely correct in any way we just LOVE these videos.


No complaining emails please... it just doesn't matter.

Unsuccessful Motocross backflip (414KB .mpg)
Headrush (962KB .mpg)
Life as a Guy (1.6MB .asf)
Jackass bicycle jump - my favorite (1.5MB .mpeg)
Nasty shin break (2MB .mpg)
Why Palestinians Throw Rocks (2.4MB .mpg)
"Predator" -like camouflage - (9.98
MB .mpg)
Good Morning Kitty - (2.7MB .avi)
A dog named Bennett - (1.3MB mpg)
Just a Monkey Joke - (1.6MB

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